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Proactive. Critical. Actionable.

Capture insights from people, processes, event and things to empower management and workers alike to make the most informed safety and operational decisions with the least risk.

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For Any Industry.

Supporting the safety and risk management requirements across a wide range of industries, MySafety delivers added-value to existing investments in HSE, business, operations and people.

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Integrated Self-Service:
Safety & Operations Risk Solution.

Enhances investments through an enterprise “Self Service Safety” engagement and feedback management solution that aligns with current systems and processes while giving the business full control in its use, adoption and management.

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Leverage Worker-Centric Solutions

Align company strategy to execution by capturing those critical operational insights which improve safety and reduce operations risk in the thousands of decisions made each day by people across every level of an organization. Protect your organization’s license to operate.

Named "Smart Innovator" in Verdantix Industry Report, “Smart Innovators: Worker Safety Technologies”

  • Do you want to make the most informed operational decisions, with the least risk?

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  • Do you know your net organizational safety score?

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  • When your workers see something, shouldn’t they be able to say something?

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  • How are your driving Health, Safety and Environment innovation?

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  • Do you know who your Safety and Operational Risk Leaders are?

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MySafety White Papers

Featured Paper |
The Untapped Value of Worker-Centric Methodologies for Safety and Operations Risk

Safety, cybersecurity, production, or workforce productivity — each area has a common thread: people. By using the entire workforce as the data of record source, and then, contextualizing it to the business (productivity, profitability, and safety), ownership is shared across the organization while empowering both managers and workers to make more intelligent decisions with less risk. With a continuous dialogue from its management, workers, and operational components, an organization is able to capture proactive insight to create a true voice of the operations.

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MySafety Dashboard

Verdantix's Smart Innovator for Operations Safety Technology
MySafety by Questback

Creating a closed-loop dialogue across the workforce, MySafety, an innovative operations risk and safety management solution, proactively captures those critical real-time actionable insights needed to reduce operational failures and improve safety across the business, empowering both management and workers to make more intelligent decisions with the least risk.

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