the quest for operational excellence

The Quest for Operational Excellence

According to executives, 40% of a strategy’s potential value is lost due to breakdowns in execution. – Harvard Business Review   As seen in other industries, there is a long-standing gap between strategy and execution, or process and practice. This gap possesses significant risks when it comes to the “3D” (difficult, dirty and dangerous) industries and […]

Creating a Transferrable Culture of Safety

Is your safety and operations risk strategy transferable?

A culture of safety picks up where practices and policies end   A few weeks ago, Shell recently announced the finalization of the MP2 Energy acquisition deal. A regular occurrence in the energy industry where mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and splits are routine practices. 2017 has been no different. Bloomberg reports nearly $97 million US dollars […]


Are Leading and Lagging Indicators Failing You?

Proactive indicators provide true insight into safety and operations risk management   Safety and risk professionals are constantly searching for those factors that most influence operational failures in the business. The reasons why organizations continue to invest in the business processes that influence such factors are obvious. Operational failures have a direct and often consequential […]

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