Are Leading and Lagging Indicators Failing You?

Proactive indicators provide true insight into safety and operations risk management   Safety and risk professionals are constantly searching for those factors that most influence operational failures in the business. The reasons why organizations continue to invest in the business processes that influence such factors are obvious. Operational failures have a direct and often consequential […]

Operational Safety: Digital Word-of-Mouth and Its Power

A Lesson from Harvey: Digital Word-of-Mouth and Its Power In Operational Safety

Headquartered and located in Houston, the MySafety™ team experienced first-hand Hurricane Harvey and the devastation that followed its arrival. Amidst early warnings and constant news reports, the MySafety team along with countless other Houstonians took as many steps as possible to prepare for the onslaught of rain. Safety was top-of-mind for all. In the aftermath […]

The Hidden Dangers of Safety Perception Gaps

The Hidden Dangers of Safety Perception Gaps

  Are your safety and risk management strategies and practices aligned?   March 27, 1977 – Two Boeing 747 jets collided on a runway, killing 583 people and making it the deadliest commercial accident in aviation history. Despite “engineering-out” some of the risks present in the 1970s, the Tenerife Disaster still holds pertinent lessons learned. […]

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