Is Safety Based on Reality or Perception?

For years organizations have been working hard to make their operations safe. Whether from academic research or through practical experience, companies have come to appreciate that safe operations lead to continuing organizational success. From increased competitive advantage to improved financial results, safer operations create enhanced value for shareholders, stakeholders, and workers alike. Historically many methods […]

Engaged Workers and MySafety

Fatalities in the workplace are tragedies, ending the life of a hard worker and bringing pain to their friends and family. It is an unparalleled horror that people are sometimes forced to go through. That’s why technology solutions like MySafety™, that offer a worker-centric solution to bridge the gap between safety and operations risk are […]

Is Your Customer Experience Delivering?

Being able to evaluate and measure customer experience is becoming more and more crucial. In a global survey of more than 6,000 business and technology leaders, analyst group, Forrester, found that improving the customer experience is the top business priority for more than 75% of companies. Read the full blog

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