Human Performance in Safety and Operations Risk Management

Human Performance in Safety and Operations Risk Management

In general, four primary reasons drive operations failures in every organization: Equipment which includes machines, tools, devices, and components used to create product and manage production; Environment which involves the factors that influence working conditions such as weather, lighting, noise, vibrations, and other locational elements; Process which focuses on the policies, practices, and guidelines that […]


Audits, Audits Everywhere – But Are We Learning All We Can?

Audits are a fact of life and often considered a critical element in business today. Their purpose may be broad, ranging from assessments on security to operations and numbers to processes. All audits are best managed by specialists or experts able to assess and analyze the good aspects, and not-so-good aspects, of a specific facet […]

digital transformation in safety and-operations-risk-management

Digital Transformation In Safety and Operations Risk Management

Over the past few years, there has been a lot of discussion in business about the digital transformation (DX as the experts call it). It doesn’t take much research before you are quickly and deeply submerged in both its technical definition and the evolution companies go through to achieve DX – just check. However, fundamentally, […]

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