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The Contractor Conundrum in Operations Risk

Historically, contractors made up a relevant component of the workforce in only a few industries. Over the last decade however, contractors have become much more commonplace in almost every industry sector; they make up an ever-growing percentage of the workforce in many companies. The reasons for this shift varies depending on the industry. But the […]


Safety Incentive Programs:
No Longer a Question of If, But How!

For decades, companies have had ongoing and often heated discussions about the value and structure of safety incentive programs to reduce risk and improve safety in their operations. Questions abound on the pros and cons of such programs. Will leadership support these programs at the levels needed to be effective? Can they really motivate safe […]

Does Going Mobile Really Create Worker Engagement?

Worker Engagement: Going Mobile is Never Enough?

In the ongoing quest for more meaningful operations risk and safety management practices, organizations are continually looking for ways to improve their underlying processes. When it comes to improvements, the mechanisms that facilitate worker engagement are increasingly important. Worker engagement allows companies to proactively capture and share the operational insights. These insights are critical to […]

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