Application Consolidation is Important, But Not at the Cost of Lives!

Our world is full of endless systems. Countless arrays, all humming with purpose. Everything from accounting to shipping to safety and risk management, have programs to help manage and control all day to day operations. Tracking numbers across a multitude of departments, transferring data to any area necessary. Everything set up in a very specific […]

The Iceberg of Ignorance

A CEO sits in their executive office and ponders the future of the company. Thoughts roll through their mind as they perceive those who walk around this bustling expansive organization. Loyal, hardworking, satisfied, content. They have no real first-hand knowledge of how they feel. And never will, because of not only how unlikely it would […]

Workforce Engagement, Feedback Management and Safer Operations – Part IV

At this stage of the feedback and engagement process, the data has been realized, put into a frame of reference and applied to other information, creating a relative or contextual knowledge base. We have begun to understand the trends as they develop over time and across multiple demographics, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything to […]

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