Flexible Solutions for All Industries

MySafety is a unique integrated solution suite that supports the safety and operational risk management requirements across a wide range of industries. No other system offers the depth of functionality and flexibility available in one central, integrated solution. Contact us and find out more about the many industries we work in and how they have achieved success.

Energy, Natural Resources and Utilities

The Energy, Natural Resources and Utilities industries operate in high risk exposure and highly hazardous environments. With recent changes to offshore regulations, introducing verified Safety and Environmental Management Systems (SEMS) the bar of compliance has been raised. Questback works with a number of organizations across these sectors to better manage their risk and sustainability programs.

Construction and Infrastructure

Construction and Infrastructure projects bring unique safety and operational challenges if they are not managed effectively. Questback supports a number of the world’s top organizations in these sectors to better manage and improve their safety and risk performance.

Manufacturing and Automotive

The Manufacturing & Automotive industries have always had a higher than normal risk of incident or injury. While automation has streamlined processes, they haven’t removed safety and risk concerns all together. Questback helps a number of the world’s top Manufacturing & Automotive organizations reduce risk and improve operations.

Healthcare and Pharmaceutical

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical businesses have inherent risks and corporate responsibilities that need to be carefully managed. Companies in these industries need to ensure that their people and processes are protected, but the wider general public making use of their products and services as well. Questback helps several Healthcare & Pharmaceutical organizations to manage their HSE obligations with less risk.

Consumer Products, Retail and Distribution

Successful Retail and Distribution businesses rely on a number of different processes to make their business work. All present their own corporate responsibility challenges particularly as retail brands are always in the public eye and must be seen to operate sustainably too. Questback helps a number of leading Retail and Distribution businesses manage their HSE obligations with less risk.

Transportation and Logistics

Transport & Logistics companies face a wide variety of HSE and corporate responsibility challenges. They must not only protect their people, assets and reputation through effective on-site management, they also have assets to maintain in their efforts to keep the general public safe as well. Questback helps a number of leading Transport and Logistics organizations manage their HSE obligations with less risk.

Technology, Telecommunications and Media

Operating as a Technology, Media & Telecommunications business presents unique challenges in this these industries. Not only is protecting their people, assets and infrastructure important, they must also maintain their public corporate reputation, by operating safely and sustainably. Questback helps a number of leading Technology, Media & Telecommunications companies to manage these obligations more safely.

Government & Public Sector

Government & Public Sector entities not only have the responsibility to manage safety and risk internally but also across their wider operational remit. Questback works with a number of entities in this sector to help them manage their obligations where transparency and retaining the public trust are critical.