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Raising the Standard for Safety and Operations Risk

Raising the Standard for Safety and Operations Risk

A feat of modern engineering, buildings around the world are growing notably taller and more impressive as they combine innovation, technology, and functionality to set new standards to the definition of “Skyscraper.” The fourth tallest skyscraper in China, the eighth tallest in the world, the Shanghai World Financial Center (SWFC) stands at […]

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Ensuring Operational Safety from Within
Leverage proactive worker insight to reduce operations risk

From production to safety, workers play a central role within industrial facilities. Yet, technology, processes, and policies often focus on the elements to be done instead of the workers doing them. Adjusting this focus to a worker-centric methodology has already generated gains in other industries; focusing on the workers delivering operational output has far greater, […]

Missing the Boat: Standards, Regulations, and Compliance Are Not Enough. Making Safety and Operations Risk Strategies Sustainable.

Missing the Boat: Standards, Regulations, and Compliance Are Not Enough

Making Safety and Operations Risk Strategies Sustainable   On July 24, 1915, the SS Eastland capsized at dock, killing more passengers than the Titanic. The cause? Reacting to the Titanic disaster and attempting to prevent it in the future, the international maritime safety officials declared a “lifeboats-for-all” movement. The US Congress followed, passing the LaFollette […]

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Sales Solution Engineer

MySafety is a rapidly expanding global leader in the workforce-centric safety and operations risk management software solutions market. To support our fast growth, we are seeking a Sales Solution Engineer with practical and technical experience in personal, incident, risk, and process safety management. Recently awarded “Smart Innovator in Operations Safety Technology,” this is an exciting time to join our organization, make a difference, and be part of something meaningful.

White Papers

Gain insights on important issues surrounding HSE, Operational Risk, Sustainability, Workforce Engagement and Enterprise Feedback Management.

  • The Untapped Value of Worker-Centric Methodologies for Safety and Operations Risk – Part I

    Organizations are faced with a number of challenges as they evolve their HSE and operations risk management practices from a compliance management and reporting-based model to a stakeholder, risk-based value model. Key among these challenges is organizational effectiveness; businesses must continually show improvements in safety and overall operational risk management practices. To do so successfully, the paradigm must shift from process-centric and compliance-focused technologies to worker-centric solutions.

  • The Untapped Value of Worker-Centric Methodologies for Safety and Operations Risk – Part II

    An engaged workforce has the potential to lead to better business outcomes through an ever-improving culture of safety and proactive risk management. The cornerstone in creating and maintaining a true culture of safety is the execution of a well-defined worker-centric methodology for managing operations risk. Such a methodology focuses on embracing continuous risk management even when processes, policies, and systems fail.

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