The MySafety Quest

The quest to not only capture operational data, but to create the context necessary to understand the most important factors that drive safety and operational failures.

MySafety is a worker-centric solution that brings people, processes, events and “things” together; allowing organizations to gain the critical proactive real-time insights needed to make informed safety and operational decisions with the least risk. Such insights empower both management and workers with the knowledge needed to prevent safety and operational failures and better ensure an organization’s license to operate.

Delivered as a cloud based offering, MySafety aligns with existing business processes and investments to provide an integrated suite of “self-service” software solutions in which the business has full control in its use, adoption and management.

MySafety Dashboard

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MySafety by Questback

A safety and operations risk management solution that proactively captures those critical real-time actionable insights needed to reduce operational failures and improve safety across the business empowering both management and workers to make more intelligent decisions with the least risk.

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