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White Paper - The Untapped Value of People-Centric Methodologies for Safety and Operational Risk Part I - MySafetyThe Untapped Value of Worker-Centric Methodologies for Safety and Operational Risk

Part I: Increase organizational effectiveness and operational risk management through leveraging workforce insight

Organizations are faced with a number of challenges as they evolve their health, safety, and environment (HSE) and operations risk management practices from a compliance management and reporting-based model. Key among these challenges is organizational effectiveness; businesses must continually show improvements in safety and overall operational risk management practices. To do so successfully, the paradigm must shift from process-centric and compliance-focused technologies to worker-centric solutions.

Safety, cybersecurity, production, or workforce productivity — each area has a common thread: people. By using the entire workforce as the data of record source, and then, contextualizing it to the business (productivity, profitability, and safety), ownership is shared across the organization while empowering both managers and workers to make more intelligent decisions with less risk. With a continuous dialogue from its management, workers, and operational components, an organization is able to capture proactive insight to create a true voice of the operations.


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